About Us

LA POLO is India’s first international polo magazine sporting the aristocratic world of Polo and bespoke lifestyle. Capturing the pulsating sport and associated luxury, both in the Indian subcontinent and abroad, LA POLO strives to encapsulate the essence through its stars, patrons, founders, legacy, teams and clubs.

LA POLO is providing the exclusive insights about the regal sport and the opulence associated with a diversified yet a unified approach to an imperial and contemporary world we admire. We place luxury in the context of the process involved into making it luxurious – adding timelessness, a way of thinking, a way we live. La Polo digs deep to bring out the exclusivity that changes the way we look at things around us. We are the storytellers of the story makers that fascinate, inspire and eager our readers to anticipate what is coming.
La Polo defines classic elegance.